Top Sarahah alternative apps you should check out

It is always fascinating to see all the experimentation under way to develop new forms of social networking that might take information-sharing into the post-Facebook, post-Twitter, and even post-Pinterest era.

Top Sarahah alternative apps you should check out

Against such backdrop, many developers seemed to have come up with newer mobile apps to get people to reveal their innermost emotions and thoughts anonymously. While, there are plenty of internet forums that allow anonymous messages to be posted, but it is only now that developers have designed mobile-first apps to help relay the message more easily.

While we have numerous apps already available for download, there is a lot of buzz around an app called Sarahah lately. Well if you are wondering what it is then it is nothing but an anonymous social networking app or an instant messaging app that is trending in the social media domain. Basically, the app allows its users to send anonymous messages.

Media publications have also been writing many articles about Sarahah and how it has become the trending thing on the internet we are slightly taking a different path. Just so that you know, there are in fact many other popular mobile apps that basically provide the same service.

Just to give you an idea, some of the popular ones include Whisper, Yik Yak, After School, and Jodel amongst others. Well, these services certainly differ from first-generation social networks like Facebook because when users are using these apps everything does not revolve around the real identity. Users can choose to stay anonymous and adopt pseudonyms at the same time.

Nonetheless, while the social media trend is taking new twists and shapes as it enters the smartphone era here’s a list of anonymous social networking apps and services that you can have fun with.