Tiktik App Can Help Find the Best Network in Your Area

Tiktik App Can Help Find the Best Network in Your Area

Everyone living in India is has experienced shouting into a phone saying “Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?”, while you are walking around trying to find that one spot where the connection actually works.

The makers of the app Tiktik have tried to find a solution to this problem using data from TRAI. The telecom regulator releases a lot of data about networks, speeds, and connectivity, and finding the relevant information for your area and your network can be a challenge, but Tiktik automates the process, so you can find the best network in your area.

The free app, available on Android, requires a somewhat frightening number of permissions to run, including the ability to access your accounts, contacts, location, SMS, phone, read and modify files, access storage, device ID, full network access, and so on. That’s because the app also helps you to start the processing of porting networks, and change other settings as well, but it is still hard to justify the level of access being given, considering that the primary function – of checking the network in your area, is accomplished by querying TRAI online. Here’s what the app’s Google Play listing page has to say on why these permissions are needed:

  1. Location: to identify the best mobile network wherever you are in India
  2. SMS: to send toll-free SMS to protect you against spam callers & balance cuts. We receive SMS, don’t read them. We need this for port, control SIM features.
  3. Phone: to dial and check my best offers for you.
  4. Photos: to instantly share app insights with your friends. We will not access your personal files.
  5. Identity & Device ID: to send a few important notifications (not ads) to your email ID. No spam guaranteed.
  6. Contacts & Call-Log: for the fun-insights. This feature works even on aeroplane mode, we don’t access any personal information.

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