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Ten Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Summers

So, here comes the summer. The scorching heat has already hit alarm bells in many parts of the country with temperatures soaring above the mark of 40 degree Celsius. The roads have turned from tarmac to tava. With the weather change, it is not only our body that needs some adjustment, but also our vehicles, especially motorcycles. Like human beings, motorcycles behave differently in accordance to the climate. While, you have already started following the diet plan to keep your body cool and healthy, if you want to ride right without fail in summers, follow the below tips to prepare your motorcycle for this season.

  1. Change coolant: If you are riding a liquid-cooled bike, make sure to drain the coolant that is being piped in your bike’s radiator. With the monthly variation, coolant changes its heat absorption properties, due to which instead of working like a cooling liquid, it works like a normal tap water. You wouldn’t want the same to happen with your coolant, would you? By draining the coolant, you can protect your motorcycle from the blazing heat.
  2. Keep tyre pressure under check: Be it solid, liquid or gas, any rise in temperature leads to the expansion of elements. So, when you are at the service station, make sure to keep the tyre pressure 1-2 units below the recommended level. In hot weather, when you ride, the temperature of tyres rises at an exponential rate, consequently, the heated air inside the tyres expands and its pressure increases drastically, which can lead to tyre burst with catastrophic consequences. To deal with such kind of issue, use nitrogen in your tyres instead of normal air. As nitrogen keeps the tyre temperature under check and doesn’t allow tyres to expand beyond a limit, it is safe to use during summer.
  3. Check lights, cables, and fasteners: Make sure all lights, cables, and fasteners are in a working condition. Check both the front and rear brake light switches to ensure switches work and illuminate the light the way they should be. Confirm that the throttle and brake cables work smoothly before heading out. At last, walk around the whole bike and tighten any loose fasteners.
  4. Check radiator: Again, if your bike has a liquid cooled system, keep a close look at the radiator fan which should be in a working condition. A strong water splash or high pressure is enough to damage the radiator and disturb the cooling system. So, avoid the direct contact of radiator with water and do a proper check to ensure it is in a workable state.
  5. Don’t top-off fuel tank: The rise in temperature leads to expansion of liquid, so avoid brimming your tank to the neck as the fuel may expand and overflow in case your motorcycle is parked under the sun.

Also, as summer months are hot and dry, the improper balance of engine oil can affect the engine and transmission. Leaving the engine oil in your fuel tank for too long can also clog the fuel system. So, look at your fuel system as well.

  1. Check tyre treads: As roads are hotter in summers than winters, tyre treads wear out quickly. So, keep a close look at the tyre tread and use anti puncture gel to cool your tyres and ensure their longevity.
  2. Clean air filter: Carefully check air filters as rodents enjoy building nest in that places. Remove debris and replace the filter, if required, to avoid harmful agents creeping into the engine. Also, thoroughly inspect the head pipes to look for any cracks or damages that may impact the horsepower of the engine.
  3. Check brakes regularly: Checking the brakes of your bike on a regular basis ensures not only your security but also protects your vehicle from regular damages. As the brake pads wear out regularly over time, it becomes important to check disc brakes during summer when this problem is more frequent. When you are confident about their working condition, check the brake fluid level and top-up, or replace as per the situation. Finally, make sure that the brake lights are working in a way they should be. With the regular inspection of your bike, you can save a big chunk of money.
  4. Clean telescopic suspension before going out: Most of the motorcycles use telescopic forks for the front suspension, which help the front wheel to react less on a road while keeping the remaining part away from the motion. Before taking out your bike, clean telescopic suspension to remove oil, grease, water, dirt, rust, etc.
  5. Buy bike insurance: Now when your motorcycle is ready to hit the road during summer, it is the time to go for a bike insurance as well. Even if you follow the ‘crème de la crème’ of precautions, it is imperative to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to keep your ride secure from accidents, losses, or damages. This policy will help you by saving your hard-earned money and your beloved bike in case of any accident, damage, or theft. Though, it is mandatory to have a third-party insurance in India, you should go with a comprehensive plan to get the complete protection.

A good bike insurance safeguards your vehicle against all types of natural and man-made losses or damages, including flood, storm, fire, theft, riot, etc. Further, you can go for a long-term bike insurance if you want to keep your motorcycle secure for two or three years in one go. It means, you don’t need to face the hassles of annual policy renewal. Moreover, with the help of long-term insurance policies, insurance companies save on paper and administration cost, which is then passed on to policyholders in the form of cheaper premium rates. Thus, the online mode saves both your time and money.

So, keep the above factors in consideration and get ready to rumble— have a safe and secure summer bike ride!

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