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Skoda India to concentrate hard on improving service

Skoda India to concentrate hard on improving service

Even though Skoda has a bevy of impressive products in the Indian line-up, it’s the after sales service that’s turned up sketchy. We spoke to Zac Hollis, Director – Sales, Service & Marketing at Skoda Auto India Private Ltd. about how they plan to tackle the issue at hand.

We have already mentioned about VW’s India 2.0 project that will bring in cars specially for the Indian market with increased localisation and a made in India platform, but the fruits of that labour will only be seen in 2020. Until then Skoda aims to concentrate on its biggest bane, after sales service.

While work for the same has already begun, prices for spare parts have been already reduced by as much as 16 per cent and even more in case of certain spares. Then there is the quality of service itself. According to Zac, the priority is to make sure that the job completed is done right and that the car does not have to return for any of those issues again. And this can only be possible with trained technicians who enjoy their work. The plan is to offer incentives, both monetary and otherwise to keep the motivation levels high and thereby getting the work done right.

While this is a start Skoda will be trying hard to reduce prices further and improve quality of service as well. With an interesting line-up of cars in the future, Skoda needs to strengthen its aftersales in bid to woo in the customers.