How to prevent apps from collecting your data on your Android smartphone

Users’ data isn’t that safe anymore and it has been illustrated many a times when news about appsbeing hacked appears frequently. Several apps — including Facebook — have been targeted for harnessing the personal data from users.

Also, this is the reason behind those ads which shows recently searched or browsed items.

Search giant, Google has announced the updated privacy and security policies at its developers’ conference I/O 2019 with its upcoming Android update version ‘Q’

In case, you are worried about your privacy and want to prevent apps from collecting your data, here are a few tips that can help

Do not allow all the permissions to the apps

Sometimes we have noticed a weather app seeking permission for making a call or accessing the camera, which does not make sense as it is a weather app and all it needs to function properly is the location and internet connectivity.

Similarly, if an app or game asks for the microphone access there is a possibility that they might be listening.

So, if an app is asking for a permission that does feel strange, feel free to deny it and if the app is adamant and denies to run without the permission, consider downloading an alternative app from the app store.