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Next-gen Mercedes AMG A45 to make over 400bhp

Next-gen Mercedes AMG A45 to make over 400bhp

The second generation of the Mercedes A-class was launched globally in 2012 and was also available with an AMG badge. Currently on sale in the international market, the Mercedes-AMG 45 is a hot hatch producing 376bhp and 475Nm torque and the next third-generation hatch is expected to make over 400bhp.

The new car has been labelled ‘Predator’ by company insiders and is expected to undergo a distinctive change with a new chassis and a recalibrated all-wheel drive system that features torque vectoring. The new car is expected to house the same engine, but has been tweaked for more power. The new state of tune will let the engine have more than 200bhp per litre than the 189bhp per litre of the current A45. A newly developed nine-speed DCT gearbox by Mercedes is expected to make its way in to the 2019 A45’s drive train.

As far the looks are concerned, the new Mercedes-AMG A45 will take its styling cues from the Concept A-class sedan and follow the family design as well.


Mercedes officials have also confirmed a second AMG version of the next A-Class, which is going to be positioned underneath the A45. “We’ve identified a market for a milder AMG model positioned below the A45 4Matic. The strategy is going to be similar to that seen further up the line-up, where our various ‘43’ models support the ‘63’ models.” said AMG boss Tobias Moers. The new lower AMG model is reportedly going to adopt the A32 or the A36 nameplate.

The third generation of the Mercedes A-class is expected make its debut in 2018 Geneva or Paris Motor Show and is speculated to be launched later next year. The third generation A-class is expected to make its way to the Indian market in early 2019 however it is unlikely that the manufacturer will consider the AMG model for the Indian market.

Upon arrival, the new 400bhp plus AMG A45 will aim its sights at the Audi RS3 and BMW M2. However, the lower variant will aim at the Volkswagen Golf R, Ford Focus RS and the Renault Megan RS in the international market.