EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Get All The Right Capabilities Under One Package

EaseUS data recovery software is one of the finest recovery software available today. It offers a plethora of tools right at the disposal of the user to use. It offers features that are easy to use, and interactive in nature. The software is the number one choice for many, as it can be operated by beginner and tech experts alike easily.

The software offers a number of abilities to the user, including the ability to recover file types, such as music, email, compressed, documents and video files. The software also offers the ability to recover deleted as well as inaccessibly files, which might have been lost due to certain situations, such as system crash, disk crash, OS crash, lost partition, virus attacks etc.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The EaseUS data recovery software is available for download at the official website of the company. The software comes available in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical. Each of these packages have their own advantages over others. The first package is free, and as the name suggests, is free of cost. This package allows the user to get the full experience of the software, and comes with one limitation that the user can only recover 2 GB worth of data.

If a person wants to recover more, he or she has to purchase the Pro or Pro+WinPE package. Both of these packages come with unlimited data recovery support as well as technical support. These feature a single-user license, and can only be used by one person at a time. The technical package is a more corporate-oriented package, with a technical license, aimed to deliver services to a number of people.

As you purchase/download the software, you will be able to easily install it like any other software. As soon as you start the recovery software, it will begin analysing all the storage devices connected to the computer.

Scanning Process

Out of all these storage devices, the user has to pick one where the search will begin. The search is divided into two parts, which are quick scan mode and deep scan mode. The quick scan mode is more focused on bringing forth results quicker. With its reliable algorithms, it searches for data remnants left by previously deleted files, and compiles them together to recover your desired files. The scan mode lasts a few minutes.

Once the scan has been completed, the results are displayed on the screen and the deep scan mode is initiated. The deep scan mode is the second part of the search mode, and due to its advanced capabilities, takes a lot more time to search for files. It recover all hidden, system and inaccessible files.

Once it ends, all the results of both the scan mode are displayed and the user can search for their desired file by browsing the results or searching for the name. You can easily recover multiple files with a single click, and can import/export results according to your liking. EaseUS data recovery software is one of the most reliable software, which is able to offer most capabilities of a data recovery software to a user.