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Medicine continues to change and grow, not only in practice and application but in philosophy as well. Many patients have begun to take a more proactive approach to their bodies and to medicine. They are interested in the clues that surround their illnesses and dare to delve deep below the surface. Many of the clues may be found in lifestyle, habit, and prior illnesses. Patients have grown more interested in this holistic approach.

Functional Medicine
Functional medicine reflects a whole body approach to the medicine and explores systems instead of body parts. This type of medicine has a concern that focuses on how these body systems work together. This approach understands that the body is more than isolated body parts, but instead a unique system designed to work together optimally.

Functional Medicine from the Patient Perspective
Many patients who have taken an active interest in their illnesses have sought help from functional medicine doctors in hopes of understanding their illness better and finding more solutions. The philosophy and approach of functional medicine lend itself to a person who is actively seeking more information. Functional medicine tends to be particularly effective for those who want to take a more hands-on approach to their own personal health and wellness.

A Whole Body Perspective
Because functional medicine embraces relationships, in terms of how the body’s internal systems work together, this approach is studied from as many different angles as possible. Food and it impacts on the body is not left out, neither is the way a patient’s emotions may affect his or her health. The whole body perspective explores functions and why they work or don’t work. It seeks to find the link in the chain that’s not working and causing the domino effect. This type of medicine may even explore how wearing concealed carry pants might affect a person’s bodily processes.

Functional medicine explores the relationship and interactions between the body’s systems. This approach upholds the pjiloso[phy that there is a world of information that can be gained by understanding how the body’s systems work or don’t work together. Patients have long since begun to take this approach with their bodies because it makes more sense to them. This ideology has become a focus and a practice area and continues to gain popularity.