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BMW i8 Roadster teased for the first time

BMW i8 Roadster teased for the first time

BMW has confirmed the arrival of the i8 Roadster by next year at their interim conference held a few months back. Now the Bavarian carmaker has dropped the first official teaser video of the drop-top i8 showing off its aerodynamic shape in a wind tunnel.

Based on the stunning concept showcased way back in 2012, the new i8 Roadster has been spotted on many occasions, however, the latest spy images from the streets of Munich reveal the car to be production ready. The third member of the new i family, after the i8 and i3, the i8 Roadster is still wearing the webbed-style camouflaged body in the teaser. The black fabric roof will either be a removable panel or will fold down in between the seat and the electric powertrain at the rear.

The characteristic aero profile of the facelifted i8 is retained with new signature LED headlights and tail lights. The space-age CRPF bodywork will ensure the minimal increase in weight. As far as powertrain is concerned, the i8 Spyder is expected to scrounge the upgrade from the i8 Formula E-Safety car. The battery pack will be upgraded from 7.1kWh, in the standard i8, to 10kWh resulting in a higher driving range. With the combination of a tweaked three-cylinder 1.5-litre IC engine in conjunction with the electric motor at the front axle, the power output is expected to surge to over 400 horsepower.

Although the i8 Spyder won’t be as outrageously gorgeous as the i8 Spyder Concept, it won’t be any less futuristic too. Expect the i8 Spyder to be revealed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.