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Anjana Malik, the handless artist fighting against all odds, is pure inspiration

It is hard to maintain a positive outlook towards life when you’re given very little to be appreciative of. But it is perseverance and turning can’ts into cans that displays one’s true mettle.

Anjana Malik is a 38-year-old roadside artist with an unflinching spirit. What she has been through will make most of us conscious of just how easy we have had it, and how ungrateful we truly are.

Out-of-the-ordinary art

While she could be seen as just one among the innumerable artists struggling the world over, Anjana, who was born with no arms and a deformity in her left leg, stands apart. As the deformity grew more severe, her left leg was reduced to half the size of the right, thus compelling her to squat in order to walk.