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Welcome to the 199th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are your headlines for this week:

  • It appears Ticketmaster is partnering with a company called Lisnr. The idea is to make it easier than ever to get into venues when you have tickets. Lisnr’s technology transmits data at high frequencies. Ticketmaster wants to build scanners that can handle those signals. Thus, instead of a paper ticket, your phone just plays an absurdly high pitched noise that tells the scanner that you’re ready to go. It’s neat technology, but we’re not sure when it’ll be ready for prime time.
  • Google Drive’s has a big update that’s being delayed. The service would allow you to backup pretty much your entire computer if you wanted it to. However, there appears to be some rather large glitches in the Matrix. In other words, it has some pretty massive bugs. The delay will likely last until everything is ready. The update’s original release date was June 28th.
  • We asked all of you what your favorite launcher was. The winner by a large margin was Nova Launcher. Action Launcher and Google Now Launcher rounded out the top three. That’s really interesting considering that the Google Now Launcher doesn’t exist anymore. Evie Launcher, Arrow Launcher, and ASAP Launcher finished out the list. There were also some fun ones in the comments. Check the link to see the results for yourself!
  • The Google Play Store received an update this week. It is now easier to see what’s new in an app update. There is a new down arrow on the update page for each app. Clicking it shows you the change log for that app. That means it’s much easier checking out what’s new in an app update. It’s a small change and one that most people likely won’t use. Tech nerds will be happy to see it, though!
  • Pokemon Go is hitting its one year anniversary soon. Niantic plans to make it a special event. To celebrate, the game will include a special edition of Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat. Additionally there is also an anniversary box that you can purchase in the in-game store for a discount. There is also an even in Chicago on July 22nd. The event runs from July 6th through July 24th. .

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