11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating An App For Your Business

Mobile apps are everywhere, and many big brands already depend on them to enhance the customer experience. Thanks to low-code app development platforms, it’s easier than ever for any company to join the app marketplace.

Despite the proliferation of branded mobile apps, there’s a lot to consider before you invest in one for your business. Will you be able to maintain it? Will your customers even want to use it? Here’s what the Forbes Technology Council suggests you consider before taking the leap.


1. Does The App Provide Value Beyond What’s On My Website?

Apps aren’t essential for every business. Ask yourself, what experience am I providing customers that I can’t do with a responsive website? For example, taking pictures of a receipt would be an app-specific function for accounting software. If you do end up going native, I’d strongly caution against cutting corners. Apps are like meetings — it takes a really good one to beat none at all. – Matthew BarlockerBlue Matador

2. Have I Considered Ergonomics In My App Design?

I think ergonomics is the most neglected aspect when designing an app, and one of the biggest turnoffs when poorly made. How are elements displayed on your apps? Are they comfortably arranged? Can a user navigate through the app using just one hand? Ergonomics is the most important subset of design in my opinion, as it’s the basis of functionality and user experience. – Nacho De MarcoBairesDev