10 Hottest To-Do List Apps To Watch

Upper is one of the hottest to-do list apps to watch.

Apps to Watch is a bi-weekly series of the most impressive and innovative mobile apps in the business.

If you’re at least somewhat ambitious, you probably have a daily playbook to follow. Studies show that simply writing tasks down already makes you more productive and helps to clear your mind. The effectiveness of to do list has been well-known for decades. That’s why there is an enormous selection of work calendars, diaries and notebooks.

However, in 2017, switching to app might be a more viable option.

Here is a collection of 10 propitious to-do list apps that will be at your fingertips every time you need to set priorities, get organized and ease your mind.


Available for free on Android and iOS.

WeDo is a multifunctional life manager for every situation. It lets you keep tabs on personal habits, share to-do lists with others, assign tasks, organize events, set reminders, add notes, files and much more. Besides many amazing features, the app is also good-looking and operates flawlessly, which makes it a top contender amongst today’s to do list apps.